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My life story begins on the beautiful shores of Oahu and continued through the diverse and lively streets of Los Angeles.   When I was little, my mom gifted me a vintage camera which sparked an interest in capturing meaningful moments in time and warm memories, leading to a lifelong passion of storytelling through the lens.   I was also fortunate to have a loving grandpa who taught me golf at an early age and had me help him fix things around the house, which proved to be valuable skills in the long run.   Whether I'm creating visuals through photos that exude a clean and sophisticated vibe, working on my golf swing, or taking a shot at designing a newly renovated space in my home, I've learned that it's all about precision, patience, and that perfect blend of creativity and skill.  What I especially love about photography and videography is that each still or frame tells a unique story, capturing moments that unfold into narratives that bring out emotion and create lasting impact.  


My whole life, what has always grounded me is my family, and it holds true especially now that I have a family of my own with my beautiful wife and 3 wonderful kids - my oldest boy Aaron and my twins, Elijah and Elise.   They have brought new meaning to life and watching them grow up has definitely been keeping life exciting.   Quality time is key, whether we're exploring new spots or just hanging out at home and we're always up for spontaneous adventure - whether it's a hike, finding a cool café, or deciding on a last-minute weekend trip to build on the rolodex of memories!


Here's to living beyond the clock, where every shot and every swing becomes a way to tell stories. Join me on this journey, where my lens captures stories, and my life writes experiences. Let's create some unforgettable moments together!

Fun facts + interests include:

  • Filmakers: Wong Kar-kai, Hayao Miyazaki, Michel Gondry

  • Holds a 3rd degree blackbelt in TKD and in keeping it real.

  • Hobbies: Golf and transforming spaces through DIY projects.

  • Favorite takeout: Chicken sandwich from Honor Bar or Tacos from King Taco. 

  • Drink: Old Fashioned

  • Coffee: Iced Mocha

  • Guilty Pleasures: Indulging in cookies, ice cream, and all forms of tacos.


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