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Highly motivated and detail-oriented content creator/editor, equipped with a strong narrative eye and passion for storytelling. Possessing 10 years fluency with Adobe Creative Suite and Capture One. I am proficient in filming and shooting with DSLR and cinema cameras, as well as and all aspects of film production. An excellent communicator and self-starter with a positive attitude, I am comfortable adapting to various working styles and thrive in fast-paced, collaborative work environments.

With over 10 years of versatile experience, I have seamlessly transitioned between roles both in front of and behind the camera—working as an actor/model and honing my skills as a photographer and videographer. Throughout this journey, I have cultivated expertise in expressive storytelling, skillfully provoking thought and emotion. My passion lies in collaboration, where I am compelled to bring out the unique individuality of people and brands, forging connections with their audience. I approach every project with vision and purpose, consistently striving to strike a balance between creativity and authenticity to achieve the optimal impact and empower genuine expression.

In addition to collaborating with clients and finding joy in my work, I cherish exploring new places with my wife and three kids. As a father to a trio—Aaron, Eli, and Elise—I take pride in balancing professional excellence with active involvement in my children's growth and development, fostering the creation of lasting memories.

Beyond my professional endeavors, my interests include:

  • Favorite filmakers: Wong Kar-kai, Hayao Miyazaki, Michel Gondry

  • Favorite Hobby: Golf and transforming spaces through DIY projects.

  • Favorite LA takeout: Chicken sandwich from Honor Bar or King Taco.

  • Drink: Preferring an Old Fashion or Alabama Slammer.

  • Coffee: From classic black to indulgent iced mocha.

  • Guilty Pleasures: Indulging in cookies, ice cream, and all forms of tacos.

These personal pursuits contribute to a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle, complementing my professional commitments and adding depth to my everyday experiences.


Content Creator/Editor

The Wonderful Company | 2021 - Present

  • Leads video/photo shoots and post-production for digital/social campaigns, commercials, internal communications, documentaries, and more.

  • Collaborates closely with clients to craft campaigns and acts as a versatile creative resource for teams across various projects stages in the post-production pipeline.

  • Manages the video server within the Integrated Production Department, ensuring QC and seamless access to high-quality video and audio assets.

  • Operates and manages all production equipment including cinema cameras, DSLR, lighting and audio setup

  • Contributes to the success of key clients*, showcasing proven track record of meeting and exceeding the creative needs of each brand.


Clientes* FIJI Water, JNSQ, JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery, Lewis Cellars, POM Wonderful, Seedless Lemons, Teleflora, Wonderful Halos, Wonderful Pistachio

  • Develop and nurture strong client relationships, translating creative visions into captivating photo and video assets.

  • Maintain the highest standards in photography and video production, delivering superior accuracy, aesthetics, and overall quality in a timely manner, exceeding client expectations.

  • Manage operational facets of projects, workflows, timelines, asset development, and budget tracking with and budget tracking for optimal efficiency and success.

  • Motivated to collaborate with fun creatives—my past experience include a range of lifestyle shoots, wedding documentaries to digital spots, corporate films, and branded pieces for content and print marketing campaigns.

  • Steered the development of all creative content for B2B and D2C marketing initiatives, overseeing art direction, on-set photoshoots, events, social media campaigns, and interpersonal communication.

  • Efficiently managed project budgets, coordinated vendor resources, and maintained streamlined schedules for the successful execution of marketing projects.

  • Provided strategic leadership for productivity and sales plans, overseeing training, recruitment, and motivation of a team with expertise in managing a diverse inventory of over 7,000 imported film/video equipment.

  • Played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth, contributing to an increase of approximately $1M through the establishment of new client relationships and targeted business development initiatives.

Photo & Video Director/Producer

Shot by Ryu | 2007 - Present

Creative Marketing Director

Kamera Tools | 2014 - 2019

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