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Role: Unit Stills Photographer, Videographer, and 2nd Assistant Camera

Deliverables: Comprehensive unit stills and video documentation capturing the entire production process, strategically utilized for promotional and marketing purposes for the film "Heaven Quest: A Pilgrim's Progress," produced by King Street Pictures.

  • Stills Photography:

    • High-resolution stills capturing behind-the-scenes moments, atmosphere, and key scenes.

    • Candid and portraits of actors and crew to document the production process along with promotional imagery.

    • Professionally edited assets used for official press junkets and consumer facing promotions including movie posters.

  • Videos:

    • Production of video content aligned with the project's creative vision.

    • Capturing key scenes, interviews, and essential footage to tell a compelling visual story.

    • Ensuring high-quality footage that meets the project's technical and aesthetic standards.

  • 2nd Assistant Camera:

    • Assisting with camera setup, equipment handling, and lens changes.

    • Supporting the main camera operator in capturing diverse angles and perspectives.

    • Collaborating with the team to ensure smooth operation and optimal visual results.

Heaven Quest: A Pilgrim's Progress Trailer

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