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Highly motivated and detail-oriented content creator/editor with a strong narrative eye and passion for storytelling. 10 years fluency with Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Premiere Pro. Proficient in filming/shooting with DSLR and cinema cameras and all aspects of post production. Excellent communicator and Self-starter with a positive attitude who is comfortable adapting to working styles and thrives in fast paced, collaborative work environments.

Through over 10 years of experience both in front of the camera as an actor/model and behind the camera as a photographer and videographer, I have crafted my expertise in expressive storytelling and provoking thought/emotion.  I am drawn and driven by collaboration and bringing out the unique individuality of people or brands and connecting them to their audience.  I have always approached projects with vision and purpose where I consistently strive to find balance between creativity and authenticity to achieve the optimal effect and empower expression. 

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